What we do

Renewable energy that contributes to a carbon-neutral economy.

Church Ministry Systems of Study.

Worship Systems

How to plan and execute regularly scheduled worship services.

Outreach Systems

How to create first time guests and bring them to fully engaged membership.

Discipleship Systems

How to facilitate spiritual growth, biblical knowledge and increased faithfulness.

Volunteer Systems

How to engage people in the work of the ministry and build ministry teams.

Leadership Systems

How to create and train leaders to lead teams and systems.

Communication Systems

How to deliver appropriate ministry information internally and externally.

Stewardship Systems

How to promote generosity and provide responsible financial stewardship.

Strategic Systems

How to provide ministry direction and structure to accomplish the mission.

Resource Systems

How to use facilities and resources to support all systems.

Multiplication Systems

How to multiply worshippers of Christ through church planting and missions.

A smarter, better- connected community

The world’s leading provider of renewable energy.

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Energy Resources

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Our Most Recent Projects

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“Community Solar projects like these allow local citizens and businesses to benefit directly from the energy produced by these projects.”

Jeremy Hanegan, Vice President, Company

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