We help by promoting and preparing for church planting.

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We help by highlighting and helping Great Lakes church plants.


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November 14-15

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Save the Date for the 2024 Launch Conference in Corunna, Michigan.

Our Vision

To inspire Great Lakes Churches to collaborate on the planting of 30 new churches by 2030.

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More Church Plants Needed!

The recon systems’ purpose is to survey the region and determine particular areas of need. Through church surveys, demographic studies and population statistics, we hope to identify the spiritual deserts of the Great Lakes region and visually present this data to raise awareness of the general need for new churches and the cities with great need and opportunity.

The recruitment system is intended to inspire potential church planters to look to the harvest in the Great Lakes regions and consider whether the Lord of the harvest might send them to work in this region. Since we believe that Churches reproduce churches, plants also require regional pastors and churches to help train, support and send planters.

This system will help churches and planters by coordinating the financial, material, intellectual, and labor resources needed to plant churches. This includes connecting planters to supporting churches and donors, collecting and organizing physical resources and volunteers, and even providing helpful information on church planting and pastoring.

This system’s aim is to seek guidance in a collection of spiritually engaged ministers following the leading of the Holy Spirit in the example of Acts 13. Their participation in prayer and partnership with church planters will help provide confirmation, direction and encouragement.

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